Order Pickup


All orders are processed as quickly as possible but there is a 2-day minimum order processing time for pickup and an additional 5-business day processing for shipping.  No exceptions.  You will be notified via email when you’re order is complete (and again with a tracking number if you’ve chosen shipping).


Orders are not available on the same day, so please don’t ask.  We require at least 2 days to process.

You can pick up your order from Banksia Grove (you will be emailed address) from Mon-Fri:10.00am-7.00PM as long as it’s at least 2 days after you’ve placed your order and you’ve been notified your order is complete.

Pickup from CQB will only be Sunday, 20th of June, before we close the doors forever.


We fully abide by the ACCC’s guidelines.  Any issues, with anything, contact us, we’ll look after you.

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