Order Pickup Options


All orders are processed on Fridays and are available as early as the following Monday depending on options selected.

There is a 3-day minimum order processing time.  No exceptions.


Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping at this time.  Pick-up only.


Orders are not available on the same day.  We require at least 3-5 business days to process.

You can pick up your order from the following locations at the specific times:

  • Perth GBG HQ, Banksia Grove – Please contact us (give Nhat Truong a ring or text 0433 246 713 and he’ll work out when you can pick up your order.) to arrange a pickup time.
  • Perth GBG CQB, Bellevue – If specified in your order, you can pick up your order from CQB following order processing on the following Friday, minimum 3 days processing time.  So any order to be picked up from CQB will be available from the following Tuesday.  CQB open times are Tue-Fri:6.00-10.00PM, Sat:4.00-9.00PM.
  • Weekly Perth GBG Games – If specified on your order, you can pick up from our weekly games the following week from either WASP Paintball – Carabooda or Baldivis.