SNDWAY SW-1500B Laser Range Finder


SNDWAY SW-1500B Laser Range Finder

Great for range-finding while you’re out hunting or shooting, golfing or just plotting out your backyard cricket oval.

This thing is hot, measuring distance, speed, area and height.  Prospective home buyers can use this to plot their future purchase the same as prospective home builders can plot out their build.  How cool is that?!?

Hunting, shooting, golfing, farming, building, plotting, you name it, this thing can do it.

Check out this short video (not ours, sorry):

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Sndway SW-1500B Rechargeable laser rangefinder 1500m

Size: 104*76.5*41mm

Function: distance, area, height, angle, speed etc

Rangefinder with lcd display

Feature: Portable, high clear, touch screen

Measure Range: 1500m

Keyword: laser range finder 1500m

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