Leviathan MOSFET


Leviathan MOSFET – v2 to stock

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Leviathan V2 to stock – An app-controlled MOSFET. State of the art, the future is now!

Download the app for iPhone or Android and get:

  • New Shooting Modes
  • Controlled Rate-of-Fire
  • Pre-cocking
  • Active braking
  • Battery Indicator
  • Stats
  • Shot Counter
  • Heaps more!

It’s fully-integrated into a V2 gearbox as a replacement for the trigger assembly, with the wiring all set out to the stock as well.

Perth GBG HQ is proud to supply these amazing pieces of tech, but there is only one catch: You must have them installed by PGBG. This provides you with the consumer protection that’s usually lacking from a product like this.

Contact us to order one today!

Diagram image credit: www.jefftron.net

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