League: Perth GBG Squads

Perth GBG Squads


LumberJacks LumberJacks

A rag tag bunch of mates that enjoy banter and the modification of blasters as much as they love running around dominating the play field. You’ll hear us coming with our chainsaws and feel it seconds later. We welcome any friendly banter and have no problems giving tips out to people keen to get competitive.

Hellfish Squad

Hellfish Squad Hellfish Logo

Hellfish is a US Marines Squad, The Marines motto is “Retreat Hell” which was adopted in the Pacific war against the Japanese by the 3rd to 5th marines. As for fish, well they are marines so why the fuck not. “Retreat? Hell! We just got here!” We never back down from a fight and never […]

Bad Company

Bad Company Bad Company Logo

The adrenalin-pumping, heart-yammering true story of Battle Group West “Bad Company”.  ‘This is no longer a volunteer unit,’ John (BC01) had said. ‘You’ll be issued a lightweight body bag. A number will be stencilled on the bag to correspond with your number on the roster. I want zippers on the inside and outside. You’ll use […]

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