Updates – Just a (not so) quick catch-up

Some Updates

In case you missed Daniel’s livestream on our Facebook Group or were too enamored with his puppy and the stuffed toy, here’s a few quick updates:

Shipping Container

The shipping container is safely in Queensland with our friends out there at MILSIM East.  There were a couple, very stressful, hiccups getting it out of the state with an actual train derailment outside of Kalgoorlie, but it’s there and safe until we recall it back to WA (or whatever else we work out with all the folks involved – including the most important ones, YOU, that have your stuff inside)

Just another subtle thank you to Nhat Truong for all his hard work in getting that organised.  This ban came in lightning-fast and we had to think quick and work quick in a way to help out as many as we could.  Nhat, Ray and Travis all went into their own pockets to work out a way for the Gelball Community here in WA to try and avoid getting f*cked as hard as the gov’t wanted by getting that shipping container filled with the precious livelihoods of our community.  This community owes these guys a HUGE thank you and we all live in the hope that someday those blasters can come back home with open arms.

Games and Events

As was posted on our Facebook Business Page and that Dan mentioned, we’re having a Paintball Day at WASP Baldivis this Saturday.  We’re still working out details but the overall cost will include marker hire, coveralls and admission fees on the day.  Yes, if you have your own stuff you’ll pay less.

And also as Dan mentioned, we’re not running gelball games any more, so please stop asking.  We’re all in the same boat as you, shell-shocked from the quickness and severity of this ban, but that part of Perth GBG’s Events is over and will be over until the law is changed (and that could be years).  We’re not running nor supporting any games or events that are now in violation of the law.

Website Stock

While we can’t sell gel blasters or gels (or anything else related that’s now potentially illegal) we will have some stock coming in that’ll be available soon and we’ll be taking T-shirt orders as pre-orders now so that we can work out what stock is best to trouble wonderful Nicko’s wonderful wife, Shona, and her t-shirt business.

So ignore the “out of stock” label and feel free to order your t-shirt!

Fighting the Ban – Long-term plans


The plan was always to fight this using community-support.  We’ve had Australia’s BEST firearms lawyer on the case since this ban was announced.  But, as mentioned, the speed and severity that this unfair and unjust ban came in meant everyone was caught a little off-guard, our laywers included.  They’ve got other clients and other cases that they have to tend to as well, so even though all our lives were sent into upheaval, we’re in the queue just like the rest.

So basically, we’re waiting.  We’re waiting for a meeting to see what and how we can even attack this ban in the right ways and we were waiting to see how much support we could work up to do so.


The unfortunate side of that is that we’re not seeing the kind of support that we’d need to make an effective push against this ban.  While all the people that donated are unsung heroes in this fight, there simply aren’t enough to take something like this on.

For example – Our GoFundMe campaign is just over $5,000 (last checked 12th of July, 2021).  This is great for just about any other fundraiser that we could hope to run.  But, unfortunately, that’s nowhere near enough to pay for lawyers of the calibre we’ve got (and will need for this fight).  $5K is likely to get a few hours of meetings in an advisory capacity and a few official letters written on our behalf.  That isn’t likely to do much against the power of the WA Government.

We’re likely to go about refunding your wonderfully-supportive donations but we’re also going to need some of it to put towards what our lawyer has already done so far, but we’re happy to take the rest and give it to the other fundraising efforts out there on your behalf.  We’ll be contacting you to see what you want.

Fighting the Ban – Short-term plans

Little by little, emails and phone calls are starting to get returned from higher-ups.

The Guy That Started All This

None of us have heard from the Hon. Paul Papalia, Minister for Police, who has instituted this unfair and unjust ban against gel blasters and has then put hundreds of WAPOL officers and employees on the hook to not only clean up after his mess but to bear the brunt of the anger, annoyance and righteous indignation that he so richly deserves.

No one in the industry that deals with Mental Health concerns has heard from the Hon. Paul Papalia, Minister for Veterans Affairs either, not even the RSL’s or the Suicide Help Lines, even after he so callously and cockily announced he was destroying the WA Gelball Community without even bothering to check with them about the impact of his actions.  He certainly hasn’t heard about the Veterans whose lives he’s irrevocably altered and he certainly will NEVER hear from the ones whose lives have ended because of what he did.

Keep Emailing MPs

That leaves us to tell him.  Keep sending him emails and keep ringing his office with meeting requests.  They can’t ignore us forever.  They can ignore us for the short-term, but we don’t have to make it easy on them.

Just remember to be polite, be respectful, and if you DO NOT want your email to end up filtered into the bin, don’t mention gel blasters or gelball.  Bring up the legitimate issues with them about mental health and the insanely fast and unfair manner in which they enacted this legislative change.

Upcoming Meetings

We’ve had word that someone finally heard back from an MP that’s actually Labor AND willing to meet with them.  We’re anxiously waiting on word on that end and we’ll update when we know more.

We’ve also been invited to a meeting with a Police Superintendent sometime this week, so we’ll let you know how that goes too.  Likely it will only be a reiteration of whatever bullsh*t was spewed during their press conferences and on endless Facebook posts about “Can you spot the difference?” with regards to gel blasters and real steel.  But we remain hopeful and, as always, we’re fighting for you.

In Summary

Shipping container is safe in QLD.

Perth GBG is still in business with stuff we can sell, we’re trying out a Paintball game this Saturday to see how we go with that, and we’ll let you know how that goes.

We love and appreciate you that donated, but there wasn’t enough support for us to properly fight this thing with lawyers, so we’re going to be putting it to you, the supporters, as to whether you want your money put towards other efforts or simply refunded.

Keep emailing and ringing politicians and bring other aspects of this to their attention, not just toy guns, because they’re ignoring everything that’s about “gel blasters” no matter how logical or reasonable it is.

As always, thank you SO MUCH for your support.

-Perth GBG Team

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