Since it’s Lockdown…

What You Can Do

Email Your Local MPTime to email some more pollies!

We need help with anybody in Dawesville or Jandakot, as they’re knocking back anybody not in their electorate and they need an email or two to let them know we exist there.

Basically, anybody in Labor is sending a copy-paste template back, but they STILL need to hear from us.

Keep sending me your correspondence with them too! I’ve gotten about a hundred emails from them and you and it’s all going in the Battle File!

Keep sharing the Petition around!

We’re about 60 short of 4,000 signatures on our online petition, so pepper the Social Media pages of the outfits over east and get the QLD’ers to lend us a hand and we should get to 5,000 easy. Petition Petition

PetitionDownload, print and get some signatures on our Parliamentary Petition too. Email us for an address to send them to and we’ll let you know when we’ve got an MP to sponsor it when Parliament is back in August.

Donate, if you can.

We’ve got two fundraisers going, one on GoFundMe and one on Facebook, so if you can give anything, we’d really appreciate it as we’ve already got the lawyers going on it (yep, the one you’re thinking of, the BEST in Australia, he’s one of ours). Even if you can’t afford it, just share it around, we appreciate every bit of support you’ve given us.

Gelball StoriesShare Your Story

You don’t have to say much, just tell us what Gelball means to you. It can be anonymous, no worries. Every little bit helps in showing them that they just CAN’T DO THIS to us.

And if you’ve already shared your story, take a minute and go through them and send us your favourites. The ones that really move you and you reckon will move those stone-hearted pollies that are stone-walling us. We’re got a good list going, but can always use more.

Hit up our friend Kam Iqar Ze on Facebook, as he’s collecting stories too and has some cool giveaways.

Thanks again, as always, for your support.

-Perth GBG Team

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