Petition Submitted – Request for Written Submission

petition responseFrom a letter from Hon Peter Foster MLC, Chair of the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs (The committee is the one that reviews and organises petitions submitted and their responses):

Written submission
You are invited to provide a written submission to expand on the issues raised in your petition and outline any action already taken to resolve these issues.
The purpose of the submission is to assist the Committee in its investigations. The submission must be no more than two pages.
Please send your submission to the Committee within 30 days of receiving this letter. If the Committee does not receive a submission with 30 days, the Committee will finalise your petition.
The tabling Member has also been invited to make a submission.

We’ll be putting together a 2-page submission to be sent in early next week.

If you’d like to give us any suggestions, either Contact Us through the website, reply to this email or email us at [email protected].

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