Perth GBG Members Only Xmas Party

We hope you can join us on Dec 5th for Perth GBG’s Annual Christmas Party at CQB.

Come along and join us for FREE spit-roasted meat, soft drinks and bottled water, and blasting fun for all ages!  Fun starts at 12 noon and goes as long as we feel like it!

The invites are for Members Only, so if you’re not a member then please consider joining Perth GBG as a paid member!

Thanks to all of you awesome people that have helped support us during this trying year and we hope this kicks off your Christmas Season in style.

Perth GBG Xmas Party

Perth GBG Xmas Party

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  • Just joined your band of brothers & sisters as a paid member. Prior to joining I have accumulated a small collection of pretty long and short arm toys.

    Like in the military, I am waiting for my joining orders and instructions.

    As a first timer I have my very first el’budget oh retro 7.4v, m16 modified with a new green o ring and upgraded 1.3 spring. WTF being a first timer those highly spirited springs and internals just ran a mock when I released them from the receiver. Young Guido did warn me but I didn’t listen.

    My gb now seems to make more good noise and the air power discharge has improved. I’m waiting for my chrono to arrive to make sure I don’t injure others especially myself😵

    Can anyone advise me what the FPS rate of fire is for newbies to the club:
    1 out of the box up to 250fps; and
    2 250+ for veterans and Physco Thursday killers.
    3. Mil Sim, CBC, other games?

    Hopefully, I’m not punished on my first time out. I have about 1 hour experience in the CQB field as a spectator. So be warned.

    Your kind advice and tech knowledge for this newbie would be greatly appreciated.

    Tim the wannabe newbie

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