Perth GBG and COVID-19

Perth GBG asks that if you are at risk in ANY WAY to having COVID-19, Coronavirus, that you stay away from any and all events.  Follow the Dept of Health for more info.

We’re officially cancelling the CQB Cup Winter Games and are carefully considering all of our events from this point on.  Check here or our Facebook Group “Perth Gel Ball Group” for more updates.


With consideration to the varied nature of our membership demographics and the many, many different folks that we have attending our events, we ask you to strongly consider one that any risks you take as an individual can potentially put all of us at risk.

Remember: YOU might not be afraid of getting sick, but if you’re infected you might never know who you gave it to or if it is likely to kill them.  We ALL know and love someone that’s vulnerable, so let’s do our best to look after each other and the group.

Also… keep being the awesome folks that you are.  Avoid all the panic-buying nonsense, pay strict attention to all Health Alerts and do your best to act calmly and reasonably in circumstances that are desperate for clear heads and calm actions.

Don’t forget… to have fun and don’t let stress get on top of you!  If you’re doing “Social Isolation” like so many of us are, use that time to work on your blasters and gear!  Catch up with friends on the group or on the Discord!  Don’t let all this get you down.

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