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We’ve been sending emails of various descriptions/purposes pretty much every day for weeks now.  Rarely do we get a reply, but we’re still trying.

The latest development is that the Hon. Brian Walker MLC is willing to file a motion of disallowance when the WA Parliament next sits (starting Aug 3rd) so we’ve emailed every Upper House MP that’s NOT in the Labor Party (they’re the least likely to support the motion, but we ARE emailing them next).

Here are some Main Points from the email:

  • This community of thousands is now suffering and will continue to suffer if something isn’t done.
  • There’s still time and we need your help.
  • This ban is NOT how government is meant to work
  • If they wanted to move toward regulation and licensing, the community would have overwhelmingly accepted this.
  • The data used for their reasoning is faulty.
  • Paul Papalia used statistics that can’t be verified (and are refuted) to move forward with a blanket ban of a toy without even bothering with consulting with the thousands it would affect, and with ZERO Impact Analysis of any kind.  He’s actively harming the very people he’s meant to protect, and we’re asking you to help us convince him to reconsider his actions.
  • We’ve got over 4,000 signatures on our petition and are asking for an MP to sponsor our paper petition (attached) that’s already gotten several hundred signatures.


FOIA – Gel Blaster Incidents-Anon.jpg Petition.png
Perth GBG – LC Petition.pdf


Please feel free to utilise our main points and attachments and send them emails as well.

The latest went out to:

Hon. Wilson Robert Tucker MLC – Daylight Saving
[email protected]
Hon. Dr Bradley (Brad) William Pettitt MLC – GREENS
[email protected]
Hon. Sophia Moermond MLC – Legalise Cannabis
[email protected]
Hon. Peter Charles Collier MLC – LIB
[email protected]
Hon. Donna Evelyn Mary Faragher MLC – LIB
[email protected]
Hon. Nicolas (Nick) Pierre Goiran MLC – LIB
[email protected]
Hon. Steven John Martin MLC – LIB
[email protected]
Hon. Tjorn Dirk Sibma MLC – LIB
[email protected]
Hon. Dr Steven (Steve) Caldwell Thomas MLC – LIB
[email protected]
Hon. Neil Thomson MLC – LIB
[email protected]
Hon. Martin Aldridge MLC – NAT
[email protected]
Hon. Colin Stephen de Grussa MLC – NAT
[email protected]
Hon. James Hayward MLC – NAT
[email protected]

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