This Sunday we’ll be doing a raffle LIVE on our Facebook Group just after lunch at our Sunday Game at WASP Baldivis.

Tickets are only $2, get them here.

We’re raffling off some awesome gear!

1st Prize – Yakeda Plate Carrier ($185 value!)

Yakeda Plate Carrier

This thing is the top-of-the-line plate carrier available from Yakeda.  It’s hella rugged and very tough, with quick-release tabs on the sides and a stupidly huge amount of storage.  I lost count at 9 mag pouches and 3 pistol mag pouches!  It even fits us Big Boys (yes, I tried it on, and I’m personally running the model two down from this one).


Yakeda Plate Carrier

(more pics available upon request)

2nd Prize – Emerson FAST Helmet

Fast Helmet

Don’t fret if you don’t win the Grand Prize above, this FAST Helmet is a fantastic runner-up.  They come with little velcro cushiony things to help with fit, it’s got a visor that flips down from inside the liner and has a mounting area on the front for your on-the-go action camera.

Plus, all the velcro on the sides, back and top are great for your morale patches that advertise what kind of badass gelballer you are.

3rd Prize – Tactical Skull Facemask

Tactical Skull Facemask

These facemasks are seriously tough, yet also comfortable.  They come with the option to clip into your Emerson FAST Helmet or just wear on your head.  The eye protection is top-quality and our models aren’t tinted so you can wear them at CQB (recommended!).

One size fits all and they do indeed, fitting both me and my 10-yo son.  These are a must-have for close engagements!


Online raffle ticket sales close midnight Saturday but you can still get tickets at the game on Sunday, no worries.


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