…and it’s done.

See You Later

See You LaterSo long, and thanks for all the fish.

Shipping Container is away, games are done, CQB is closed.

This website will stay, but will take different shape a bit, though we’ll still be selling stuff on there so keep shopping with us if you can!

The Facebook Page will probably stay but we haven’t figured out what we’re doing with the Group yet.

The Discord will be shut down on Sunday, July 4th. I openly encourage (and have PM’ed) some of you to start your own server somewhere with blaster talk or goofy memes or The Fight Against The Ban or weird fascinations with AK-47s or whatever you want. Just let me know what and where and I’ll give any advice that I can and will link it and promote it from everywhere I can.

Thanks heaps for all your support and friendship, it means the world to us, to me.

See you around!

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