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UPDATE [14/07/21] – We’ve suspended donations on our GoFundMe fundraiser for the time being.  We’re meeting with our lawyers soon and will likely pay them for work they’ve done thus far and then refund the difference to all our generous donors.  If anyone that has donated simply wants their money back, please contact us and let us know and we’ll refund your donation in full.


It’s never easy to ask for help, and it’s not easy now.  None of us are comfortable looking others in the eye and asking them to give up their hard-earned cash immediately after their lives and livelihoods have been devastated by the hideously unjust and unfair BAN on Gel Blasters in WA.

We know you’ve already lost something precious and are hurting not only from the loss of community and a healthy, safe and fun hobby, but also the thousands of dollars you’ve likely spent on the sport.

So we’re not asking lightly, and we’re going to be 100% transparent with everything we’re doing with this Fight, as well as with the money donated.

This page will be updated regularly to reflect what costs we’re going up against and how we’re handling them through our GoFundMe campaign.

As always, thank SO MUCH for your support!


UPDATE – 14/07/21:

GoFundMe: $5,078 – yet to withdraw.

Facebook Fundraiser: $2,600 – Withdrawn and transferred to Perth GBG.



UPDATE – 27/06/21:

GoFundMe: $4,423 – yet to withdraw.

Facebook Fundraiser: $1,900 – yet to withdraw.



Logged-in users can view transaction details here.

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