Gel Blaster Ban FAQ


So what’s the deal now?

The Hon. Paul Papalia, in all his wisdom and arrogance, (as well as Veterans Affairs) teamed up with the Police Commissioner, Chris Dawson, to issue forth an error-filled, hideously-inept, lacking-in-fact, press conference on June 14th, 2021 announcing that ALL gel blasters, in any form, are banned in WA and are against the law to own.  On July 3rd, 2021 Papalia changed the Weapons Regulations to include “gel blasters” and all their “ammunition” (yes, gels) as Prohibited Weapons from Schedule 2 of The Weapons Act 1999.

Full Press Release here.
Watch the full video here.

So gel blasters are now illegal in WA.

And that sucks.

Where do I hand my blasters in?
Any local police station.  Try to ring them first and PLEASE be respectful and polite.  Many cops don’t like this new change, or even their Minister for Police, so go easy on them.  It’s not their fault, blame Papalia.

When do I have to have them in by?
July 3rd was the last date for “amnesty”.  We haven’t heard anything about them raiding anybody for gel blasters yet, but you’re meant to have either turned them in or destroyed them by now.

Can I just dismantle it instead of handing it in?
No. About the best information we’ve got on this is that if it can be put back together into a functioning blaster, then everything involved needs to be handed in.  IF YOU’RE TURNING THEM IN WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU DESTROY THEM INSTEAD.  Keeps them from posting “Can you spot the difference?” posts on Facebook.

What parts do we need to turn in for it to qualify as a gel blaster?
There is no current information on what constitutes a gel blaster, whether that’s complete units or parts.  We’ve heard that it’s anything that can be put assembled into a functioning blaster.

The cops don’t really have any idea and the disorganisation and misinformation is making them not happy about this too. See previous question.

What should I do when I hand them in?
Break down blasters into parts, let’s not let them showcase blasters like trophies and show our hobby in a negative light.

Are there alternatives to handing them in?
You can always keep them and tempt fate.  If they end up bringing charges against you, you can start a GoFundMe of your own and see if the community will help you fight it in court and try and get our sport back.  Kidding.  Sort of.

Will the cops raid your records or your website for our personal info?
NO. Your information is SAFE, we’ve gotten rid of all accessible records, and our server is not only housed over east, but there are multiple levels of legal protection involved that mean you’re information will never be used against you for gel blasters.

Are you still running games at all?
We’re going to try some paintball events, hit the Events link for details.

What can I do to help?
Sign the petition.
Yes, we know they’re not legally-binding but we don’t have time to put together a proper one for Parliament yet. This one is just to show our numbers and have something to shove in Papalia’s face.

Email your local MP. We’ve got a template all ready so you just have to put your details in.

Share your gelball story. We’re working hard to put a human face to this hideously stupid ban, and this is a BIG help in doing that.

Follow us on Facebook and when we post something, an announcement or similar, then share it around as much as you can.

Ring Mark McGowan, 6552 6888, and POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY request that he attempt to persuade Minister Papalia to reconsider the blanket ban on gel blasters and properly consult with the gelball community on ways to effectively regulat (NOT BAN) gel blasters.

Can I still buy a blaster from you?
No, no more blasters.  But we’re still selling other stuff.

What else can I do?

First, go here to See What You Can Do!

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