MILSIM Manual – v2.2


This manual has been created to give participants of Perth GBG MILSIM games a guide to the events rules, SOPs and best practices. Information may be changed on the date, without updates to the manual. Please check the events page for updates to rules and game day information.

Table of Contents


Blaster Rules

Grenade Rules

Sound Grenades

Safety SOPs & Equipment

Eye protection

Environmental Hazards

Uniform Requirements

Packing List

Medical Rules

Standard Rules

Rules for Medics Only

Medical Flowchart

Looting players

Medical supplies

Intel recovery


PGBG MILSIM games use modified rules for our games. They are listed below:

1. Eye protection must be worn at all times on the field during the event. Even when resting at your team’s base, using the bathroom etc.

a. Eye pro may be taken off at dedicated safe areas (green shade cloth shelters.)

2. Dead men don’t talk. When you are moving as a deceased player, do not relay any information to your team mates till you are revived.

a. When deceased, use a high vis vest to mark yourself as dead and to avoid being fired upon.

3. Fire Friendly Counts. If you engage and hit a friendly, they must take the hit. Be sure of your targets.

4. If you are having any issues with other players (not calling hits, unacceptable behaviour), do not argue in game. Seek a referee, leader or commander to resolve the issue.

a. Referees and officials have the final say on all matters.

b. Do not argue with other players, seek an official or referee.

5. Splatter hits do not count.

a. A splatter hit is defined as when the gel ball disintegrates before hitting you. Either because of cover, vegetation or hitting your blaster.

6. Blind firing is not allowed. You must see your target to fire.

7. Point blank shooting is discouraged, but allowed. Surrendering a player is done as a courtesy to stop from unnecessarily shooting a player at point blank range, causing some potential serious pain. You may give enemy players the option to surrender if:

a. You are within 2 metres.

b. You are aiming down your sights and have your blaster pointed at them.

c. Players being surrendered have the option to ignore it.

d. If you are shot whilst surrendering a player, you are hit, regardless of whether they accept the surrender or not.

8. A grenade kill is when a grenade lands within 3 metres (where it stops) and has a direct line of sight. Grenades cannot kill if you are behind cover, including thick bushes and trees.

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Blaster Rules

A new addition to MILSIM games will be the squad roles. Our first iteration will see the deployment of the Light Machine Gun (LMG) and Marksman role. If you select this role, you are the only people within your squad who are allowed to use that specific blaster type.

1. Light Machine Gun – This is currently designated as the M249 SAW. However if you wish to use a regular blaster with a drum mag, you may do so. You are the only person in your squad that may use a drum mag.

2. Marksman – Blasters allowed for this category are the M24, Kar 98K and M14. You are the only people that are allowed to use this type of marksman blaster in your squad. If you have another marksman blaster you wish to use, please contact the game organiser before the event.

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Grenade Rules

Grenades are used by players as an area of effect weapon. Their rules are:

  • Have a 3 meter kill radius. Please use best judgment.
  • Radius is determined from where it stops.
  • Grenades must have line of sight on player to kill. This includes friendly players.
  • Cover and thick bushes negate line of sight. Please use best judgment and honesty.
  • Players may only carry 3 grenades on them at all times (includes sound grenades)
  • Grenades can only be used once per life. (eg; once you throw a grenade, you can only use it again after you die and respawn from base.)
  • No pyrotechnic grenades may be used. Please consult with the game admins/officials before game day if you are unsure what your grenade is.

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Sound Grenades

  • All simulation grenades must be checked and approved by admins before being allowed to use.
    Simulation grenades CANNOT be used indoors.
  • Have a 3 meter kill radius from where it stops AND from detonation unless you are behind cover.
  • For example; A player is killed by a sound grenade when it lands within 3m of him and he is not behind cover. A few seconds later whilst an ally is bandaging him, the grenade explodes, the living player is now also wounded.
  • Players may only carry 3 grenades on them at all times (includes point of impact grenades).

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For smoke grenades, please see event staff with what you wish to use. Weather conditions on game day will determine their use.

Safety Equipment

Eye protection

Approved eye protection must be worn at all times during games (including when eating, using the bathroom and resting.) If eye protection must be taken of for a medical or safety reason you are to:

1. Yell – “NO DUFF! CEASE FIRE! NO DUFF! CEASE FIRE!” – to alert players around to not fire.

2. Yell – “BLIND MAN” so players know who is removing their eye pro.

At a minimum, requirements for appropriate eye protection must cover the front and sides of the eye. For safety rating, we recommended Medium Impact safety glasses. See below for examples:

Allowed: Covers the front and sides

Not allowed: Covers the front but not sides

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Environmental Hazards

During games, you will be moving through terrain not normally covered by people. You must constantly be aware of your surroundings to ensure you are not moving into dangerous terrain. Apply common sense.


There will likely be kangaroos, foxes, rabbits, snakes and bees around. Do not fire your blaster at them. Players doing so will be removed from the game. If you come across any wildlife, let the people around you know to avoid disturbing them. If it is anything dangerous, call a ceasefire, alert officials so that the area can be cordoned off if necessary.

Heat & Dehydration

We recommend all players use some kind of cover during games to avoid sun exposure. All players are responsible for their own individual safety and must take necessary steps to avoid injuring themselves and others. Make sure you are carrying water and drinking regularly.

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Uniform Requirements

As MILSIM games do not rely on coloured armbands to designate teams, it is crucial that players follow the uniform guidelines exactly. Players not wearing the correct uniform may be refused entry on game day.


Uniform – Players on the army team must wear a matching camouflage top and bottom of any pattern (DPCU, Multicam, M81, etc.)

Load Bearing Equipment – Any colour or camouflage pattern you wish.

Picture: Left uniform is not allowed as the top and bottom do not match. The right uniform is allowed as the top and bottom match.


Uniform – Players must wear civilian attire of any colour they wish, but cannot wear any camouflage top and bottom.

Load bearing equipment – Any colour or camouflage pattern you wish.

Pictured: The uniform on the far left is not allowed as the player is wearing an item of camouflaged clothing. The three uniforms from the right are allowed as they are wearing civilian attire without any camouflaged clothing.

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Packing List

PGBG MILSIM games are currently one day events. You will need to be able to self sustain for one day. Our recommended packing list:


  • Mobile
  • Cash for small purchases
  • 2 x MILSIM Medical System Bandage
  • Notepad and Pencil
  • Watch
  • Eye protection
  • Hat/helmet


  • Dead Rag (high vis vest/panel)
  • 4 – 6 Magazines for your primary blaster
  • Spare Battery
  • Small first aid kit
  • Camelbak or canteen with at least 2L of water
  • Snacks
  • UHF Radio (highly recommended)


  • Spare food (lunch, dinner and snacks) – Catering options may be available on the day
  • Water – Recommended 500ml for every hour of gameplay (8 hour game = 4L)
  • Small toolkit
  • Spare batteries
  • Spare Gels (10 000 is more than enough)
  • Spare hat

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Medical Rules

You are required to bring and carry two PGBG MILSIM approved bandages with you at all
times. These two bandages represent your lives. We recommend an elastic bandage for
comfort or occlusion tourniquet in RED.

If you are wounded, you may not self-heal at any time or assist your teammate in helping you.
For immersion purposes, you are incapacitated and it’s up to other players to help you.

The Medical System

When you are hit during the game, instead of dying straight away, you may be brought back into
the fight through medical aid. You follow the standard procedure of calling hit, fall down and
then call for medical aid where a medic will hopefully come and revive you. When you are hit,
you must wait a minimum of 1 minute before calling yourself “dead” and heading back to spawn.


When you are first hit, you are given 5 minutes to have a medic apply a bandage to you and
revive you back into the game. This can be done by any medic on your team. You may tell them
where your bandage is located, but they must do the rest. When you are wounded, you are to
remain silent until you are revived. Show integrity when keeping track of your down time.

Recovering wounded

If you are wounded and out in the open, your teammates can carry or drag you back to their
lines, but you cannot get yourself up and move without assistance. If you do not wish to be
dragged or carried, you may move with a teammates hands on you. If they are hit, you must
both stop. You cannot take additional hits whilst being carried as wounded.


When you are dead and must go back to your nearest spawn. Use your high vis marker or vest
so players know not to accidentally shoot you.

milsim tourniquet

It is recommended to use 2 elastic bandages to represent your lives. These can be purchased
from any pharmacy. Red tourniquets can also be used.

Rules for Medics ONLY


Medics are healers on the battlefield, responsible for reviving friendly players and improving the
longevity of their squad and team. Medics are valuable commodities that must keep themselves
safe in order to keep others alive.


To identify who are medics on the field, medics must wear a red arm band at all times to signify
their role (see below.)

Self Healing

Medics may not self-heal at any time. If you are shot, you must call for another medic to
bandage you. If you have bandages applied to you, you may not remove them.

Healing Touch

Medics are able to revive wounded players by applying the players bandage to any part of their
body (arm being the preferred place.)

  • The wounded player is not able to move during bandaging.
  • If you are shot before applying the bandage, the player is not healed.
  • Players cannot take additional wounds whilst you are bandaging them.

milsim walker

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Looting Players

Going through the pockets of your dead enemies is allowed at PGBG MILSIM events. You can search any enemy for intel and ammo who is wounded or dead and moving back to their spawn.

The SOP for looting people goes like this:

1. Ask for consent FIRST. If they say yes, you may then start searching pockets, pouches and backpacks.

2. If they say NO or say stop after saying yes, you must then ask for the specific items that you wish to see (such as radios, notepads, maps and loose ammo.) The person being searched must give these items for inspection.

3. The person looting can then take photos and notes of anything valuable. Once you are done, apart from ammo, all items searched must be returned to the dead or wounded player.

Loose ammo can be taken from dead players. Loose ammo is any gel balls not loaded inside a magazine/box magazine. Ammo located inside bags or containers can either be taken by the enemy player or destroyed on the spot. All containers searched, must be returned to the player.

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Medical supplies

  • You CANNOT take enemy players bandages.

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Collecting Intel

Each player at the start of the game is given an intel document. This document can be taken from dead or wounded enemies when you are searching them to gain team points. The rules for collecting intel off an enemy player are:

  • You cannot collect enemy intel unless you are carrying friendly intel. This makes it a risk reward where you may collect intel, but are vulnerable to being killed and having yours taken.
  • When you collect an enemies intel, you must keep your intel and theirs together, on your persons at all times.
  • Intel must be kept in an accessible area, such as a uniform pocket or in a load bearing pouch (eg, can’t hide it in your sock.)
  • If an enemy player eliminates you whilst you are carrying friendly and enemy intel, they may take both pieces of paper.

Picture: Army intel on the left and insurgent intel on the right.

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Updated rules with No Blind Fire v1.2
Updated ways players can be moved whilst wounded v1.2
Updated wording in Advanced Information for Medics v1.3
Updated Packing List v1.4
Updated Medical system flow chart v1.5
Updated dead rag rules v1.5
Updated bandage requirements v1.5
Removed medic dependant rules v1.5
Added medic specific rules v1.6
Added Squad roles v1.7
Added updated uniform requirements v1.7
Removed Medic rules v1.7
Added Grenade Rules Section v1.8
Updated Intel collection rules v1.8
Updated sound grenade rules v1.9
Updated MILSIM Medical Flow Chart v1.9
Updated how gels are looted from players v2.0
Updated intel rules and consent to search v2.0
Updated recommended equipment v2.0
Updated Grenade Rules v2.1
Updated Medical Rules v2.2

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