MILSIM Manual – Quick Reference v2.1


  • Dead Men do not talk
  • Anti social behaviour is not tolerated
  • Friendly Fire counts
  • Call your own hits
  • Blind firing is not allowed
  • NEVER remove your eye pro on the field


  • To ‘Bang Bang’ (Safety kill) a player, you must have your blaster shouldered and be looking down your sights and be within 2 meters
  • Players do not have to call hit on a bang bang kill. It is a courtesy, not a right


  • Have a 3m kill radius from where it STOPS – Must have line of sight on target
  • Grenades are blocked by cover and thick bush
  • Players may only carry 3 grenades
  • Grenades can only be used once per life
  • Sound grenades kill twice (STOP and detonation)


  • Players can only be hit a maximum of 3 times (third time is instant death) and can only be revived twice in the field (2 bandages/tourniquets)
  • Players when hit must wait a minimum of 1 minute to maximum of 5 minutes before going back to respawn regardless if wounded or instantly killed.
  • Wounded players can move as long as an alive player has their hand on them.
  • Wounded players are SILENT until they are bandaged and revived
  • When you are killed, you must put on a high vis vest and return to spawn. You may put your high vis on early if you are wounded in order to avoid being further hit.
  • DO NOT remove your bandages in the field when you are killed. You may be perceived as cheating and removed from the event.


  • You MUST ASK and receive consent before looting a player
  • When not given consent, you must ask for the specific items you wish to see
  • The only items you can confiscate from players are intel and gels not in magazines (can be tipped or taken)
  • Bandages MAY NOT be removed from dead players


  • You cannot collect enemy intel (take their paper) unless you are carrying friendly intel (your piece of paper)
  • Intel must be kept in an accessible location such as your uniform pockets or load bearing pouches (do not hide it)
  • If you are eliminated and searched whilst carrying enemy and friendly intel, the enemy player may take both


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