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Perth GBG MILSIM – Hall of Fame

Here we honour our top commanders and players from our MILSIM events.

2020 – Operation Chaos


The New Caliphate Revolutionary Guards have been fighting to keep their war torn homeland under control after the NATO invasion of 2018. For now, things are at a stalemate, NATO forces suffering from the lack of support back home has greatly denied them of much needed reinforcements.

Online recruiting has led to a sudden increase of the ranks within the New Caliphate insurgency however, they are untrained and unorganized with only a few seasoned commanders left due to the retirement of ex Commander J. Markham.

The Caliphate has resorted to road side bombings and guerrilla tactics in order to pick of NATO forces one by one however, NATO forces rely on high tech surveillance and crack special forces teams to root out insurgency leaders.

Kassad Juhziz, the Insurgent bomb maker has recently been taken out by a NATO Tier 1 Team and the intelligence officer attached to Task Force(TF) Green managed to retrieve the password of the dirty bomb before the bomb maker met an unfortunate early end.

Under heavy fire, TF Green has successfully managed to escort the Intelligence Officer to their EVAC plane however, due to damage sustained during the firefight, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in the middle of Carabooda. Deep in Insurgency territory, elements of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment attached to NATO forces in the area are now tasked with rescuing the Intel officer together with TF Green and escorting them to the safety of Carabooda Air Base (Army Spawn) where the Commanding General is waiting to debrief them before heading out on a Morale Tour of Carabooda.

The insurgents, also aware of the recent assassination have no idea where the bomb is, due to the shroud around Kassad Juhziz. In order for the Insurgency to maintain control of their region, they need to secure that bomb for future use against NATO Forces. They too need the password and location of this dirty bomb and time is running out.

Winner: ARMY

Congratulations to Lachlan A. who, at 14 years old, is the youngest ever Commander to lead his Platoon to victory and the first Commander to have his name up on the Hall of Fame.

Drifter and his team of Insurgents put up a hard fight and only lost by 52 points, which is essentially only one game.

You guys all put up a hell of a fight and it was a great day for everybody.

Last but not least, thank you John M., Lawson G., Tyrone C., James D. B., Fin A., Arron N. and Aaron G. for going to extra mile to ref.

Winning Commander: Lachlan A.

Squad 1 – Leader – Ryan B.
– Medic – Anthony T.
– Grunt – Joe B.
– Grunt – Daniel M.
– FTL- Allan M.
– LMG – Ash H.
– Grunt – Yaeger M-S.
– Grunt – Michael C.

Squad 2 – Leader – Trent G.
– Medic – Christopher M.
– Grunt – Jordan A.
– Grunt – Tim B.
– FTL- Jon S.
– LMG –
– Grunt – Reggie Y.
– Grunt – Gab P.

Squad 3 – Leader – Paul F.
– Medic – Lopez H.
– Grunt – Zenith G.
– Grunt – Dejan R.
– FTL- Judd E.
– LMG – David W.
– Grunt – Kevin Y.
– Grunt – Ash F.

Squad 4 – Leader – Daniel J.
– Medic – Daniel J.
– Grunt – Michael H.
– Grunt – Paul H.
– FTL- Gary G.
– LMG – Vince R.
– Grunt – Joel D.
– Grunt – Lance W.

Ref – John M.
Ref – Fin A.
Ref – Zach L.
Ref – Aaron G.
Ref – Lawson G.
Ref – Aaron N.
Ref – Nhat T.
Ref – James B.

Insurgent Commander – Drifter

Insurgent Medics:
Medic 1 – Ricky F.
Medic 2 – Riley P.
Medic 3 – Shidzanator S.
Medic 4 – Daddy H.
Medic 5 – Aj S.

Insurgent LMG: (are the only ones who can use drum/box mags.)
LMG 1 – Benjamin O.
LMG 2 – Brad O.
LMG 3 – Jacob
LMG 4 – Erik
LMG 5 – Ben W.

Insurgent Grunt:
– Kyle W.
– Michael W.
– Louis N.
– West G.
– Chris H.
– Mat H.
– Ayden V.
– Matt D.
– Neil W.
– Brett S.
– Daniel F.
– Taylor V.
– Lin Z.
– Sam S.
– Jonathan R.
– Brodie L.
– Paul L.
– Scott G.
– Clinton C.
– Christina K.
– Jayden S.
– Carlos A.
– Kaelan H.
– Ethan R.
– Chai P. H.
– Dillon C.
– Jordan
– Zoram A.
– Brady
– Franco
– Ben
– Josh

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