Game Day Information

Operation Chaos – Game Day Information

The Story So Far

In the distant future, civil war has broken out in Australia. An independent group of politicians,
police and soldiers sought to create their own breakaway government after the current Prime
Minister gave himself emergency powers to maintain his totalitarian grip over the Australian
people. When their request was rejected, despite public approval. The PM, Malcolm Rudd,
made widespread arrests and issued marshall law to silence the dissidents at all levels of
government and office.

After fierce fighting between factions at all capital cities, the independent forces have retreated
into the desert where they wage a guerrilla war against the tyrannical government.

Operation Chaos

With Army reinforcements failing to show up in time, they were swiftly defeated at the site of
their first victory many months ago. With the insurgents managing to maintain a heavy
resistance again government forces, foreign fighters are now joining the cause and boosting
their numbers and skill.

With NATO looking to de-escalate both factions, multinational forces are entering the fray in a
desperate attempt to keep the peace.

Arrival Instructions + Timeline

Game Day Manual (please read!)

Upon arrival, please make your way to the reception building where you will receive your
wristband as proof of payment.

Once you have received your wristband, you will be asked to do a quick kit inspection to ensure
you have the correct gear and uniform. If you have any doubts about the uniform or equipment
you are bringing, please speak to the organisers beforehand or you may be turned away.

When you have finished at the reception area, you may return to your vehicle and begin setting
up for the day.

The field will be open from 0800. If you are likely to be late, please contact your team
commander, Nhat or squad mates so arrangements can be made to get you prepared for the

  • Game Day (Saturday 8th February)
    0800 – 0830 Check in at reception, complete your kit inspection.
    0830 – 0930 Move off with your team to your base and begin any final checks.
    0930 – GAME START
    1230 – 1330 Lunch
    1800 – ENDEX with Dinner and BBQ
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