What You Can Do

Save our sport


Help us out on our GoFundMe (Legal Fees)

Or our Facebook Fundraiser

It’s never easy to ask for help or admit that we’re not going to be able to do this without some funding.

We’ve got the Best Firearms Lawyers in Australia already on this, but the truth is that this is going to take a while and they ain’t cheap.

Thanks, as always, for your amazing and generous support.

Sign our Online Petition

It’s a Change.org petition and as of 9pm June 25th, it had 3,795 signatures.  Sign it with a click and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE it around on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all your other socials.

Sign our Parliamentary Petition

Download and print out a sheet if you can, get 25 signatures per page and turn them back into us at Perth GBG.

REMINDER: It MUST BE a physical copy.  Scans and photos don’t count, sorry.

Share your Gelball StoryCQB Kids Only

A HUGE part of our fight for this is going to be putting a human face on the destruction of a community that Paul Papalia so callously perpetrated.

Share what it’s meant to your life and what this insanely stupid ban has done to your livelihood and mental health.

We KNOW it’s hard to talk about.  To be honest, they’re hard to read without eyes filling up.  But they are IMPORTANT and we appreciate it.  This will help, promise.

Email your Local MP and Paul Papalia

We’ve got every MPs email so all you need to do is search up your electorate and click the email link.

We’ve written it for you!

Plus, we’ve written another email for you that you can send to Hon. Paul Papalia.

This man stood in front of all of us and smirked while he did deliberate damage to a huge and diverse community, shit on Anxiety Sufferers therapy, mocked Spectrum Disorders community engagement and carelessly dismissed Veterans PTSD therapy and mental health by telling the people* he’s meant to protect “Get a new hobby.”

* Papalia is also Minister for Veterans Affairs.

Ring Mark McGowan

His “comment line” is: 6552 6888

Be POLITE, be RESPECTFUL, but tell them that McGowan needs to get Papalia to reconsider his blanket ban and consult the community about proper regulation to keep from KILLING THIS COMMUNITY.

Buy a “Gelball is Not a Crime” T-shirt

We’re always getting more sizes in stock, so if we don’t have the website updated, just wait and we’ll get more in.

Follow our Facebook Page for Livestreams and Updates

Our Facebook Business Page will have updates and livestreams from the boys about all upcoming events and announcements, plus nearly ANY question answered (thanks again Daniel).

Sharing is Caring

A big part of taking this on properly involves getting the community represented properly.  We’ve been gathering Your Gelball Stories for a while and we’ve got a lot of wonderful and amazing stories.

What we would love YOU to do is read them (after you share yours, of course).  Go through them and find some that were particularly impactful, the ones that really moved you, and forward them on to us at [email protected].

The only way we’re going to appeal to any form of compassion from either Papalia or the media is to take the Human Element in all this and hit them in the face with it.  This would really help us out!

Subscribe to this website and get email updates

This website isn’t going anywhere, and we’ll be sending out updates and announcements on whatever is happening for the near future.

We’re not giving up, and we don’t want you to either.

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