Membership with Perth GBG

Thank you for your support for the biggest and the best Gel Blaster Group in Australia!

We are proud to offer 1-year Membership to Perth GBG, with benefits that include:

  • 10% off all purchases at HQ
  • 1 free game session (Indoor or outdoor)
  • Discounts on ALL games (at least $10 off!)
  • Allowed unlimited FPS blaster or Gas-Powered blasters at our Member’s Only Nights on Thursdays.
  • Personalised Membership Card

Also, don’t forget about our Family Membership!  Check it out here for more details!

Once again we thank you for your support* and stay tuned for more membership benefits and discounts.

Card Processing

Please allow 7-10 business days for your membership to be processed [website settings, printing cards and welcome letters] and they’ll be available for pickup from CQB when they’re ready.

NOTE: Your membership status will not work until you receive your Membership card.  Either pick up your card from CQB or arrange for us to ship it out to you for your membership privileges to take effect.  This includes the 10% discount on the website and the Price Discount on all our games.

[And remember, harassing or nagging admins may result in your profile pic being changed to the backend of a horse, or worse.]

Purchase your Perth GBG Membership HERE!

Or get a Family Membership HERE!

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