Membership with Perth GBG

Thank you for your support for the biggest and the best Gel Blaster Group in Australia!

We are proud to offer 1-year Membership to Perth GBG, with benefits that include:

  • 10% off all purchases at HQ
  • 10% off all purchases at the Kitbag in Midland
  • 1 free game session (Indoor or outdoor)
  • $10 off CQB games
  • Membership prices for outdoor games ($30 for members and $40 for non-members)
  • Allowed to use metal receivers at our games.
  • Allowed unlimited FPS blaster or Gas Blow-Back at our Member’s Only Nights on Thursdays.
  • Personalised Membership Card

Also, don’t forget about our Family Membership!  Check it out here for more details!

Once again we thank you for your support* and stay tuned for more membership benefits and discounts.

Card Processing

Please allow 7-10 business days for your membership to be processed [website settings, printing cards and welcome letters] and they’ll be available for pickup from CQB or Sunday Games when they’re ready.

[And remember, harassing or nagging admins may result in your profile pic being changed to the backend of a horse, or worse.]

Purchase your Perth GBG Membership HERE!

Or get a Family Membership HERE!

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