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Don’t stop it before it’s begun

I haven’t been to my first game yet, but I already have two gel blasters. This weekend, dad was going to take me and a few of my friends to our first gel balling game at Perth GBG CQB. At the start of the week, I was really looking forward to the weekend, where I would get to start my new hobby for the first time, however, that afternoon, I heard the news and felt upset and angry

How did you first get into gelball?I was playing a first-person shooter game, and I just wondered 'what if I could do something like this in real life?' So I Googled toy replica guns, and found gel blasters
How would you feel if they banned gelball?My life would suck, and the best thing I could do is sit back in front of my PC and play games again...
Name:Tyeson Dang

Building and Designing for more than 4 years

I have been building, repairing and modding Gel Blasters since the beginning, when I was young, we had BB pistols, air rifles and various other fun toys that did not require a licence, not that I’m agaisnt a licence, just against this nanny state socialistic attitude the government and the police have.

Simple answer here is, make the classified as Paint Ball style markers, have the similar restrictions.

The government and the police have totally forgotten, they work for us, they are there for us, not the other way around.

These things are toys, I can carve the shape of gun into a bar of soap and still be arrested if I use it in public, so what it looks like is irrelevant.

At what point does something become illegal? I can own a bow and arrow, but if I nail it a plank of wood, is it now claased as an illegal crossbow.

We can own replica weapons, if I remove the battery from Gel Blaster and hang it on the wall, is it now classed as a replica? how about if I stuff a ball bearing in the barrel, is that okay?

I personally built my weapons for display, they hang on my wall, I never actually use them, only on the odd occasion in my own home do I have quick shoot, that its, how can this be illegal?

I can manufacture a gel blaster with household parts and my 3D printer, is that also illegal? making toys at home? whats next, banning 3D printers, banning peoples hobbies, banning people from creating, hell, I can grab some wood of a tree and some bicycle tube, a piece of leather and a handfull of nuts, is this illegal?

This country is slowly becoming a socialistic communist dystopian asshole of a place.

I will continue to manufacture and create what ever I like in my own home, that I own apparently.

The government think that we are nothing but meat robots that exist just to make them money.

Well, If I cant have Gel Blasters, I will just go an buy some real guns, that’s a better alternative isn’t it 🙂

How did you first get into gelball?Found them as an alternative to Airsoft
How would you feel if they banned gelball?I feel like saying the government and the the police are a bunch of socialists

Don’t ban gel balling – there are a bunch of alternative solutions!

Gel balling has been a massive part of my life because five years ago my older brother bought a gel gun and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I still have the original gun that he got and he has moved countries so that gun has a very sentimental meaning to me. I have also met a bunch of new friends in the sport.

How did you first get into gelball?I used to watch airsoft compilations on youtube, and that led me to find gel balling.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?I would feel wrecked because it is a passion for so many people and there are so many alternatives such as making us have a license or making gel balls for use in private venues only rather than going from 0 - 100 and banning the entire sport with jailtime.
Name:Bodhi Tenni-Lane

Something new in life

I honestly drowned myself in video games previously and hoped to play outside one day, I’ve tried various sports, but most are so physicaly demanding that it turned me away and you were shunned for not being able to keep up with it, so I returned to my addiction to games. When I saw gelball, I fell in love with the sport and strive every weekend to play because its a really social community and really takes the edge off my gaming addictions.

How did you first get into gelball?I actually saw an ad on Youtube about Gel Blaster, and how they were an alternative to Airsoft, so I searched up if there were any local arenas that held Gelsoft and decided to give it a go.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?I'll be highly devastated and disappointed, because you have Paintball which is extremely costly and more painful, where as Gelsoft is many times cheaper and a fast growing community. If the sport was banned for a simple reason without proper consultation with officials of the sport, then it would ruin the reputation of the Police and Government. Being able to regulate Paintball guns, but not Gel Blasters is unreasonable and unfair. If Gel Blasters are being missused in public because of idiots, then cars should be banned to since hoons are missusing them too, this would better provide the government a financial opportunity and provide new training systems for Police to train their workers to properly identify between real and replica.
Name:Charles Mercado

How gel blasting made me happy

I’m still new to gel blasting but the time since I’ve been there I have had the best time of my life i can honestly say that it’s my favourite sport and I wanted to go pro in it.
It’s made me a lot more healthy and meet so many new people and make a bunch of new friends it’s not just about shooting each other like paintball it’s about helping each other out we always look out for each other when there’s a problem and we all want to just have fun with this sport.

How did you first get into gelball?Online videos for awhile and lived the sport
How would you feel if they banned gelball?I would feel like there robbing us of a sport millions of people like and cheated they make good points about it but we can change accordingly to them
Name:Connor Johnson

Sensible Fear

I only just got into gelball last month, however for me it represented an opportunity. Several friends and I all decided to get into the sport at the same time this month, with the intent of enjoying the experience and promote our physical health in a way we could all enjoy. The fact it’s cheaper and safer than Paintball is a huge draw, and being able to have your own realistic-looking blasters makes everything so much easier to invest in. If you want a fun combat game, you’d aim for paintball. But if you want to play pretend and have some fun experiencing milsim with mates, gelball is absolutely the way to go.

It’s important to note, however, why the WA government and police believe gelball is potentially dangerous. The realistic designs can easily invoke fear, and as we’ve seen, there are people silly enough to use them in public. HOWEVER, I would note that due to the design of gelblasters, fear by aesthetic is the only threatening thing about them. They have less kinetic force than a Nerf dart and are far less accurate, not to mention the gelballs burst on impact, reducing their kinetic force further. From a physical harm point of view, they are absolutely useless. This is a fact that should be brought into consideration. A gelblaster also cannot be converted to a firearm, it is physically impossible without sourcing or making genuine firearm parts. The only gelblasters which would realistically be used in crimes are pistols due to their cheap make, realistic likelihood of it being real, and being easily concealable.

I propose a ban on pistol gelblasters, an age restriction on gelblaster ownership (hiring blasters in the PGBG should have no restriction), the ability for police to seize and ban public offenders property to prevent misuse (1 year ban for a first-time public offense, fines for each time after), and painted hop-ups on the tip of the blasters indicating that they are indeed toys. Use in private properties and registered venues such as the PGBG outdoor fields shouldn’t require the hop-up.

I’m just trying to offer a solution so that we can keep this hobby alive. I want to experience it myself, more than what little time I have left. Gelblasters are safe, fun, cheap and easy to use, and I highly recommend anyone who thinks these are a danger to try one out for themselves.

How did you first get into gelball?I saw a video on YouTube promoting the sport in QLD and it made me want to seek it out in WA. I love milsim and gelball looks both immersive and safe.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?I'd feel pretty depressed. The news already has me feeling incredibly upset, so I'm really hoping things can change. An outright ban on these toys is excessive and, as other states have shown, there's both demand and love for gelball. We don't mind if there's no airsoft, gelball is an amazing alternative.
Name:Alex Scholz

Please Do Not Ban Gel Blasters

Not exactly what you wanted but it is my reason I like Gel Blasters: I am an ex RAAF Security Police Airman (4th Generation ADF and Proud RSL Member) and an ex Paramedic. Currently I am a Ranger and Community Safety Officer for the City of Canning as well as an Instructor and Safety Advisor with the Australian Air Force Cadets. I have also collected Military Memorabilia all of my life which will be displayed at the new Ocean Reef Marina (Once completed) for the Joondalup City RSL display cabinet’s as I will be the caretaker for the memorabilia. These include replica and innocuous rifles, currently all legal in Western Australia. I recently purchased a modern looking Rifle which is a Gel Blaster which is also designated for the display, I was hoping to purchase more for the collection, including a F88 Styer to display my personal history from the RAAF. I also have two small 100% plastic Gel Blasters that is used as toys with nephews. I enquired about making all these innocuous but was told by Police “No” and they are prohibited and must be handed in for destruction.

How did you first get into gelball?From a friend who is also a Veteran
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Absolutely Gutted and disgusted with the WA Government's Police State
Name:Stewart Beven

I love this sport the

I love this sport the friends iv made and the good times, gel ball is an escape from the everyday where your imagination can take you away, all the stress and anxiety is forgotten when you tinker, modify or play. There is such a sense of team work and cooperation and everyone has a chance to express themselves no matter your age. I used to do alot of physical sports and activities when i was younger now I’m older i find it hard to keep up. In this sport you go your own pace fast or as slow as you like. This is a great community and sport, thank you all

How did you first get into gelball?Friends and family
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Like I have no rights

Improved mental health

It is a big part of my life as it has gotten me out of thr house and something to look forward to. I have met so many great people and finally have the confidence to try find a team to excel my skills in both teamwork and game play.

How did you first get into gelball?I have been trying to find a shooting sport
How would you feel if they banned gelball?I'd personally feel like there are so many ways to keep gel blasting available with more restrictions. Alot of other everyday objects / items should be banned aswell if they are using the reason they gave for the current gel blaster ban.
Name:Raymond Stevens


I was so exited to start gel balling i had all the gear ready to start i did all the research on the gear i needed to be safe while playing and also while transporting all my gear. I’m absolutely gutted that the government can just make a decision like this without any sort of conversation with the appropriate people that are involved in the sport and the people that have worked so hard to get this sport up and running in our state. I want paste something i found on what happened between the gel ball community in QLD and the police minister. Since 2018, Queensland police have taken action 100 times against people caught misusing the blasters and frightening members of the public.

Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan said there had been extensive consultation with the gel ball community and it had worked with the industry “to land a win-win for everyone”.

“Not only did we secure this industry to allow the sport to continue, but we also formalised a set of safety rules so that individuals, our police, and the broader community feels safe,”
Why cant this happen here instead of na not good enough i don’t like it so we are going to shut it down, we as a majority should be heard, it just seems that now day the minority seems to either be ruining it for the rest of us or their voices seem to be louder than the rest of us i’m not sure. All i know is that i didn’t even get to fire a shot so this is my shot that i’m taking it might not be with my gel blaster but i hope the right people will listen to the rest of us and take note.

How did you first get into gelball?I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO START
How would you feel if they banned gelball?ABSOLUTELY GUTTED
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