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Why i wish to keep my Gel Blaster

I am a 60 yo pensioner who works part time, i dont have friends who visit or i visit, dont go to movies, restruants, or any other social activity. My partner also has same life as i do, she knits, helps her elderly mother dayly but besides work and caring we are home bodies. I have my PC(facebook) and my Gel Blaster to keep me entertained, i got a electronic target to go with the gun. I also have severe depression and having the Gen Blaster helps keep my life in some sense of peace. And mine is a manual loader Glock.

I used to make miniture furniture, models, balsa boats but due to arthritis i cant do these anymore but can hold and shoot for fun at home not hurting anyone.

How did you first get into gelball?Watching paintball but it being so expensive and Gel Blasters are not painful or deadly
How would you feel if they banned gelball?It would effect my depression, happiness and my my life boring and hard to find hobbies i can actual do and enjoy
Name:Travis Zee

A spiral into dispare

Gelball has ment alot to me ive made friends, learnt to control my anxiety better, it improved my life and health alot. Then September 2020 i broke my ankle in a work related injury and have been off since and been off the field aswell.
The main thing getting me through this painfull and bad depressing stage in my life has been the fact i would be returning to the field.
Before the accident i was on field 3 or more times a week for hours. My fitness grew, my weight dropped along with my anxiety and depression. Now i have handed in my blasters ” that owe me well over $4000″ due to something that was legal now being made illegal because of a few minorities.
I am deeply disappointed in our government and police force for doing this. Also to clarify gel blasters cannot and will never be able to be made into a real gun. And as for the minorities who ruined our sport and well my life for a while now if you point one of these at someone or rob someone with a blaster you deserve to be gunned down. I feel all the efforts we are attempting to get our sports legalised are futile and ive already slipped back into my depression and feel once again my anxiety taking over.

Thank you WAPOL you have single handedly ruined a good thing.

How did you first get into gelball?I first got into gelball when i was told about a location that was LEGAL to play the sport.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Anxious, depressed you name it
Name:Joseph McDonnell

Fun, friends, and better health.

Gelsoft combines some of the best aspects of my interests, i love tinkering with electronics, and modifying gel blasters is what started me in the hobby. I was doing that long before I joined in on the games and it developed my electronic skills.

Im not the most physically active person in general, exerscise is something i struggled to find motivation for. Gelsoft is good because I get so lost in the game i don’t even notice how much of a workout it is, there is no other way i would be able to run around for an hour almost non-stop, I actually started loosing weight for the first time because of it.

Not to mention its a fantastic social oppertunity. Its basically my only social activity these days.. that aspect helped with my depression but now its gone im worried I worried i might slip back. It was one of my favorite hobbies, and the only one that had any social aspect to it. Now im going back being alone. It’s hardly fair.

How did you first get into gelball?I wanted to do, I like airsoft but that's banned in aus so when gel blasters started becoming more common i jumped on it. I just tinkered to begin with, but then Perth GBG started up and I got in on one of the very first games while it was still five guys in a rented shed.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?There's not a whole lot of good things in life for me, this was one of them and now it's gone. I'm not sure what to do with myself.
Name:Nicholas Stritof

Gelballing – a cultural experience

Totally changed my life. I have made great friends and now have treasured memories. Best thing since marriage and kids !

How did you first get into gelball?Kids wanted to try it
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Totally gutted
Name:Jo Li

Gelballing – A cultural experience.

Totally changed my life. At my 1st game 2 years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I found a sporting community that was helpful and sharing. Safety rules and behavioural codes were explained straight away. This made me feel that I was playing in a safe field, a place I could bring my kids to. It also establishes a level of fairness.
The games are an extremely cathartic experience, all my stresses of the week melt away. Senior players are incredibly kind and patient with the kids.
The lunches are provided for a small fee: anything from Vietnamese Pho to a Chinese buffet to a sausage sizzle ! It warms my heart to see guys , that I would never have expected to see, pick up a pair of chopsticks and tuck into some beef noodle soup. There is no prejudice here, we are Aussies one and all, a real success story of multiculturalism! I have never felt closer to my kinsman in my adopted country, a beautiful place with great, open hearted people.
This is a sports community in its infancy. It’s Not just a replaceable hobby and it’s more than just an investment. Like all sports clubs, there are volunteers who have invested a great amount of time and energy to build something viable.
I hope and wish that gel blasters can be reintroduced in some regulated form so that we can return to our beloved sport.

How did you first get into gelball?Kids wanted to try it
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Totally gutted
Name:Joseph Lee

Awesome hobby while it lasted.

Fantastic was for me and my son to beable to bond together as father and son. Also being ex New Zealand military was a fun way to relive a very memorable time sent in the service of my country. The people you meet at these games were always so welcoming friendly and helpful. Fantastic community feel which will be surely missed by myself and my son.

How did you first get into gelball?My 15 year old son wanted one for his birthday.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Gutted
Name:Kevin Townend

Gel Ball pulled me out if the darkness.

It’s long as fuck! But how is this?

There’s a black dog scratching at my door, demanding he come in.
Although I try to ignore him, the black dog always wins.
Once inside he haunts my soul and dictates my thoughts and deeds.
And like a fool I heed him and I pander to his greeds.

Those who’ve never met him would doubt his presence here.
They scoff his very mention and scold my tears and fear.
Little do they realise that my world is falling down.
And they just dismiss my feelings and ignore that I’m around.

Late at night the black dog lurks and hinders me from rest.
Depression overwhelms me and my heart sinks in my chest.
The tears I cry are done alone, and hope, never in a crowd.
For a man to cry its just not done, such weakness, not allowed

Get a grip the wise ones cry, grow up and act your age!
Only you can fix it, just turn another page!
If it was that simple, then it would be done and dusted.
But the black dog says pay no heed, no ones to be trusted.

So on it goes each dreary day, this world of pain and sorrow.
I just wish I could go to sleep and not awake tomorrow.
But the black dog’s bark will bring me back to endure another day.
Where my sun has lost its wondrous shine and my sky is dank and grey.

I have a sinking feeling that the black dog has a plan,
that will test the very fibre of this backward fucked up man.
He will of course suggest that I just end this fucking life.
And he will then simply wander off and destroy another’s life

Until then I must pay him heed and succumb to his demands,
and resign myself to tears and fears and make no worthwhile plans.
And when my time on earth is done and my wasted life’s gone cold,
you’ll have no need to feed my dog – he has feasted on my soul.

This right here! ^^^^

This was me, before I became involved in Gel Ball with Perth Gel Blaster Group (PGBG) and other gel blasting groups.
The friends I have made are amazing, friendly people from all walks of life.

Gel ball gave me something to focus on, something new to learn, something to distract me from day to day life while suffering from severe anxiety and depression.

When I’m out there playing with friends, not only am I physically active and getting exercise while having fun, but my brain is also active. Thinking of “tactics” on the move for how to achieve the objective for that game scenario, where to move on the field.

The connection with the community means so much to myself and many others. On and off the field.
Meeting with friends to work on our blasters in between games learning a new new skill set and being social.

Before I started gel ball my anxiety kept me house ridden. I’d go to work, come home, spend time with the kids then go to bed. And my spare time was spent usually infront of the Playststion, ignoring people and declining invites out due to social anxiety, and then the depression creeping in.

I can assure you I am not the only one that gel ball has helped in this way.

Don’t take this hobby away from us. This sport means so much to so many people.
Help us meet you half way and come to an agreement that we are all happy with.

How did you first get into gelball?I needed an outlet. I needed something to get involved in. Fount the group on Facebook.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?I feel that I would lose one of the only social outlets that I have. Plus the exercise I get both physically and mentally. I'm afraid that I will resort to my old ways of anxiety and depression that Gel Ball helped to overcome.
Name:Matt Mycoe

Myself and mates live away

Myself and mates live away from any paintball fields, or laser tag games. This was the blessing that allowed us to catch up regularly and socialise and make plans to start a team to travel to metro areas like Perth. It was cheap and easy to set up. No need to travel long distances like to Perth 400km away for paint ball, we can enjoy it safely on a private property out of sight. We managed to meet up more often and it allowed us to also get some more fitness in our lives. We originally planned to start a team to travel to Perth for comps and take the sport seriously but now that has been taken away. All of the people I met with blasters all wanted to play the sport respectfully and safely. It’s a great game for all ages.

How did you first get into gelball?Always had a interest for skirmish games and this was the next level
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Honestly amongst us here we are all pretty depressed about it. We have spen alot of money setting this up for us now it's taken away with no regard to how this may effect not only us but thousands of members who have made new mates and found a new passion all because of a small 1% that used them wrongly. This will not effect them but only us who do this sport respectfully

From Start to finish……

Gelball has been a hobby and a sport I pretty much committed to from after my very first game back in 2018, I had played most sports but none had given me the thrill and exercise that that one game did in 4 hours. I myself am very skinny, frail and somewhat on the backend of the health spectrum, I thought to myself what could go wrong besides heat stroke? I have been going to every Baldivis game since then, minus if I’m not mistaken forced closures, 2 missed games due to injury and 1 because work said no. Gelball itself especially through PGBG has been an experience where I have met all types of people Vets, Fire fighters, FIFO, designers, Car guys, Current serving military, school kids half my size, security guards, those with special needs, teachers and most of all anyone with the interest to have a go at Gelball. I feel like this sport like it has been to many others is a stress reducing sport/hobby which worked so well that it made COVID flash by every second weekend, and when the games got canned I was excited for when they came back. I spent so much money and time into this sport to where I probably might be addicted so much so even my new mates think I might have a problem with my gelballs. But regardless through gelball I have met some of the most passionate people for the sport and some of the most interesting folk to chat with every weekend that now which I can call some of the best mates I have ever had. I through gelball make up one of the few very small THOUSANDS of people who enjoy this hobby as a whole, to have it taken without any literal reasoning seems unjustifiable.

How did you first get into gelball?Started off in 2018 as some rando tall skinny arse kid, was by far the best experience to this day, running around hiding and almost passing out....
How would you feel if they banned gelball?*inserts very explicit words for the Police Commissioner* things I cant say, but to sum it up atleast know your facts from *inserts a very explicit term* and maybe without seeming like a dictator we could come to an understanding but hey set of banning toys someone is gonna get a few hundred thouand of my balls soon 🙂

Gel Blaster community

It is an amazing community, my first game, a bloke who I cannot even remember offered to lend me a few spare mags as i only had 1, this dude didnt even know my name but he was willing to lend me his gear so we could have some fun games, we ended up being in the same team and had a great day. Even though i had never played i was accepted into the group pretty seamlessly which is not the case for a lot of sports… basketball and football all have these groups but gelballs everyone accepted everyone.

How did you first get into gelball?I got into gelball when I wanted to get out of the house and get fit without just running aimlessly, i get to immerse myself into a tactical fight.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Horrible, I really enjoyed my time and just want to keep playing. Im not playing evey week but I love being able to go down and have a casual game when I could with such a supportive community.
Name:Ryan Tate
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