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Gelsoft experience

Gel all/gel soft has recently made a huge impact, it’s given me a new hobby that keeps me busy and have fun. It makes me really glad to see so many people come together with similar interest and show the same love that we do for the sport. It’s great to see young and old, male and female join together to just have fun, meet new people,
It’s great to see how gelsoft has created jobs and slowly help the economy as the gel balls and accessories keep cash flowing. People can just be themselves, have fun, dress up in what ever they want and just have a good time.

I love how low impact the sport makes on the environment as the gel balls just disintegrate as they are so high in percentage with water, they are low harm to the body and they are so affordable.

How did you first get into gelball?Interest with a friend
How would you feel if they banned gelball?If gelsoft was banned I’d be very saddened and disappointed with WAPOL and our labour government. They are meant to be there for the people but instead they just take thing away. It would be nice if they could reference off the QLD stage gov for the gel blaster safety campaign. It’s just disappointing to see a democracy government making decisions without consulting the people

My encounters

I have only recently started gelsoft as a sport, I haven’t really played anything since injuries from playing Footy, but gelsoft has gotten me back out with a low impact sport. Although gel blasters are toys it is really interesting to figure out the mechanics and see everyone else creations.
I have enjoyed my short time with this sport and how good it is with very little impact is has to the environment and how happy it makes people, you go to events and all you see is smiles and people having a good time from young kids bonding with their fathers to older guys that are retired it’s really good to see such a diverse group, majority male dominated but a lot of females have also joined and they love it just as much as everyone else. I believe that gelsoft could create a massive impact on the economy as it provides jobs for many people and of course buying the gel balls and accessories for the blasters keeps cash flowing. Something so small has made a huge impact for many people with meeting new people, creating jobs and bringing out their creative minds to paint the blasters, dress up in camo clothing and large groups talking about common interest.
I love how similar but yet different it is to paintball, low impact on the body but still with protective equipment, you can play indoor and outdoor. I believe the only problem we have is the lack of information to the public and people of power on this sport/hobby. There are a few campaigns out for gel blaster awareness and I think it is great. We just need to get it more out there.

How did you first get into gelball?My friend reccomended
How would you feel if they banned gelball?If gelsoft was to be banned I would be really saddened as many people such as myself have put a lot

The Gel ball community

Gel ball, a sport unlike any other, where friends and people who share the same passion get to run around and fling little gels at each other. It’s not your typical sport and has brought people from all types of backgrounds together. The sense of community shared between everyone gives each and every person a true sense of belonging. My first time gel balling was by myself as none of my mates could make it, but I tell you now that it didn’t phase me. I knew going into it I would find like minded people who I now call friends. No matter how hard we fling gels at each other everyone always leaves with a smile on their face and talking about the game with their friends, planning strategies for next time, or what mods are the best for their blasters. The Perth Gel Ball Group has created a space that brings people together, creating a tight community where everyone feels they belongs.

How did you first get into gelball?Through online Youtube videos, and pure excitment to try the sport.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?In short, not only will the sport be taken away, so will the community that has been built over all these years, in which so many people feel belonging to.

Exercising in style

It’s a constant hobby, something that will stick with me no matter what my life becomes. As I’ve gotten older it’s become a nostalgic reminder of my Dad and is one of the few personal excercises I actually enjoy with my busy lifestyle. Having the freedom to own and play with blasters, as well as share with others to create pretend combat, is a genuine treat in a time of my life that is often stressful and uninteresting. Frankly I don’t even care as much for the ‘look’ of the blaster, but the community is irreaplaceable.

How did you first get into gelball?My father, who has now passed, bought me my first blaster when I was in Highschool. We used to go out Bush and play War for excercise.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?The level of dissapointment and anguish that having this amazing sport banned would bring to myself and the community is immeasureable. I know many, including myself, who would become irreperably depressed by the loss of such a wonderful game.

My first year into blasting

Gel ball has meant a lot to me, I have made more friends just starting the sport and making more with people getting into it. It has made me realise that it is such a great sport and I’ve become really proud of my first blaster and it has never failed me in a game. Just upgrading a blaster is very meditating and it feels nice just knowing the guts of your own blaster.

How did you first get into gelball?After my birthday when I booked for cbq with my mates
How would you feel if they banned gelball?I would feel heartbroken and very pissed at our own government

the start of a great jorney

before i started playing gelball i was not able to run nor had the want or need to then i found gelbal which pushed me to be fitter and to push myself to be able to run again
i met my team here at gelbal and found ppl that i now call family here

How did you first get into gelball?gbg was the first place i found when i found gelblasters
How would you feel if they banned gelball?it would be a massive lose to my happyness in my life as i share this sport with friend my family and my kids
Name:Christopher Bailey

Saving my mental health

Gel ball has meant a lot to my life at the time when I first found gel ball I was not in a good spot mentally but due to the ability from gel ball to relax and chill out with some cool ppl I eventually got over the mental health problems and have been better ever since

How did you first get into gelball?Found gel ball at first on yt started following up and eventually found pgbg late 2018 starter playing on the first game of 2019 and immediately got hooked
How would you feel if they banned gelball?If gel ball was banned it would be devastating since it has and continues to help me in so many ways

An Escape

Gelball has offered me an escape from general life problems that get you down. I play at the Baldivis games and it’s just pure joy and excitement. I’ve met many new people and made new friends along the way, even created a new Squad with some of the mates I’ve made, Task Force Ragnarök. Such a great, friendly community and the leaders of PGBG are so caring and passionate about the sport and its members.

How did you first get into gelball?I firstly discovered gelball by mistake while looking up air soft videos online. Once I did more research into Gelball I had to be a part of it. I discovered PGBG shortly after getting my first blaster and it was game on!
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Crushed, devastated, angry, absolutely emotionally obliterated.
Name:Troy Culverhouse

You’ll never get me to go for a run or go to the gym, but i will play Gelball all day 🙂

Its good to put on the gear and pretend to be someone else for a couple of hours, it’s good exercise. I hate doing cardio exercise but will happily play gelball 🙂

How did you first get into gelball?A collection that got out of control
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Sad 🙁
Name:Louis Nguyen

My Gelball Journey So Far

Due to him leaving home not long after I came on the scene, I had not had a lot to do with my partner’s son. I found him to be very polite and we had a good relationship although it was very distant. He invited me to CQB just before Christmas so my best mate and I went along on a Friday night and we were both hooked from the get go.

I now go every Friday night and spend quality time with my partner’s son. We have something in common now and are both very excited to buy, mod, and play with new equipment.

I have bought and sold a few blasters now and with mods and accessories would easily have put a few thousand dollars into the sport / economy.

Over the past couple of months I have met some really great people. Other players and staff are great and you can tell there is a real “community” feel. Both offer great advice ranging from blaster mods to tactics and I spend much of my time on and off the field laughing often with someone I’ve only met that night.

I see many different walks of life and each one brings their own perspective which brings great diversity to the sport.

Speaking of sport – what a workout !!! I am felling fitter by the week and can move more freely now and find I have more energy.

I guess to summarise, I have developed a deeper relationship with family and friends and at the same time I am doing something good for my body. I feel part of a bigger community and look forward to seeing you all on the fields (preferably in my sights).

How did you first get into gelball?My partner's son asked me to go to CQB just before Christmas last year. I had never played paintball although I used to have BB guns as a kid and mates and I would often run around the house / school / neighbourhood playing war games (about 20 of us) so I figured why not.
How would you feel if they banned gelball?I would feel a mixture of disappointment and anger to be honest. Disappointment at the loss of another community sport and anger at the way a decision could be made to ban something I enjoy without me being able to have a say or having the person(s) making the decision even pick up a blaster and play a few games. Really, how much more cotton wool does society need to be wrapped in? But we also need to be responsible along the lines of rules of play, safety, and public carry guidelines (in a case / bag with battery and magazine out). There is also the revenue / tax implications to consider. This could be a new market here in WA stimulating local business for sale and service of blasters and accessories as well as fields to play the sport.
Name:Mark "Pezzz" Perrin
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