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Please don’t

Me and my friend Hayden finally do excercise and have been enjoying out health a lot more.

Some people find it hard to go to a gym and keep motivated trying to better your fitness.
We go out to play gell blaster sports and enjoy ourselves and it takes the stress away from gym.

How did you first get into gelball?My fat friend
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Absolutely helpless
Name:Patrick worster


As a business owner, it was a great talking point for myself and younger staff, who in turn went and purchased themselves toys. We then went to CQB together as a group binding experience. It releived our stress, brought us closer and we continue to return when we can. Other hobbies we have are not at great times for us hospitality staff, this works for us, it gets us up and moving rather then sitting, drinking and playing video games.

How did you first get into gelball?After a friend who was going through some family issues purchased their first gel blaster toy I decided I would also purchased one, so we could spend time together e
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Absolutely devastated. I understand that we are only as intelligent as our dumbest person, but people who do the right thing on a daily basis should not be published because a few idiots did the wrong thing. If someone is stupid enough to so the wrong thing with a gel blaster they deserve what ever happens to them.

Safe Sport

Gelball has given my kids a fun and safe sport to release excess energy and release areas in their final years of school.
I do not see why the government is not even willing to work with people to find a better solution as other states have done

How did you first get into gelball?Looking for an alternative for kids to play as paint balls can hurt substantially
How would you feel if they banned gelball?This is a terrible decision. While I understand the polices reasoning there are many alternatives to simply banning a thriving healthy and safe sport.

This is the only place I can be free

It’s a game that has help me with focus and quick thinking skills,
which my teachers at school are noticing I can express my love of the blasters and the sport without being laughed at by others outside that I’m helping join the community I would love it to come back and for the multiple tears to end up being for nothing.

How did you first get into gelball?My friend Vastly Lopez went to my high school and explained that he did the gel ball he got me into it easily as I’ve always wanted to do airsoft
How would you feel if they banned gelball?I’m already feeling extremely upset seeing all my friends and partners leaving the sport and have already considered going to America to do airsoft
Name:Zone A Edwards

Old Veterans Game

I started gel ball as a fun competitive team game for myself, now all my kids play it and love it.
I’m a Army vet of 20 years, I like the tactical environment, this type of game is extremely good for general fitness and mental health.
As usual there is more involved behind the scenes here but the benefits far outweigh the “possible” bad issues.
Come down HARD on people doing the wrong thing…. not the people doing the right thing. Make examples of them, not the innocent.
Regulate, enforce & manage. Not the lazy option of straight out ban.

How did you first get into gelball?Seen it online
How would you feel if they banned gelball?If it gets banned they would have to ban everything that can cause public fear, replica guns, knives, kids toys..



How did you first get into gelball?Friend
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Im broken
Name:Kevin anthony carbery

Cant beleive it im in shock

Something to do get out of house and be healthy,you took music away now this ?

How did you first get into gelball?After giving up drugs
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Im broken
Name:Kevin anthony carbery

Frustrated with inconsistencies

I am 50 years old. I have spent 3 years as an infantry soldier with 8/9 RAR in the late 80’s. I have spent the last 29 years working with the Department of Justice, 16 years with the Departments Special Operations Group. I know of several veterans who play the game for PTSD and stress relief, mental health and to meet with like minded players. I believe the issue is the sport, like paintball needs to be legislated. Let Gellsoft fall into a firearms category. Yearly licence fees, safety course to obtain license, clubs to be licensed. Strict rules regards to the carriage, private property/licenced venues only.
I am a WAPOL qualified range instructor, the safety standards I have observed at the clubs is on par with what you would see at the Joondalup Training Academy. Safety brief before games for players, mandatory eye protection that meets Australian safety standards and safety officers located on the field/CQB room, blasters must have magazines removed and be unloaded prior to entering the safe areas. the 5 international firearms safety rules being adheres to at all times unless in the field. Failure to adhere to these rules and you are asked to leave.
All the players, bar none have been some of the nicest people I have met at public events. After 30 years working in maximum security institutions, you do get a very good feeling about personalities. They look after my son, offer their best gear for him to try out, keen and ready to help you with any issues. People who may feel insecure about their looks/background/fitness levels are all embraced by the group. This is why the community is important, it looks after themselves, makes them feel as they belong to a tribe. These are not the people that go into public areas to cause panic. These are not the people that hold up chemists. These people are the responsible ones.
I can walk into any Army surplus/smoke/man cave shop in Perth and buy a steel replica with moving parts today if I wish. They all look exactly like the gellsoft blasters that are being banned. I can buy a compound bow, machete, knives, all of which can cause serious injury or death, but I can not legally own a gellsoft blaster.
Banning them will push the sport underground, giving the blasters to the people we don’t want to have them.

How did you first get into gelball?Work colleagues
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Frustrated about inconsistencies.
Name:Peter Hughes

Save our Sport

As a veteran I love the comeradery and team spirit of the games. I am active for a change and have lost weight. It brings back pleasant memories of my time in the forces, but more than anything it is just a brilliant game to play. Way safer than paintball, they really are just toys. It has helped me reconnect with my two youngest children, we go to games together, they love it too.
It is the best, most affordable sport I have found in 20 years, its absolutely brilliant!!

How did you first get into gelball?My wife saw a video of game play on FB
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Devastated! I cannot believe that our so called free society has fallen to banning toys!! We openly ridiculed the Taliban for banning kids flying kites, but now we are banning people from playing with toy guns. Sad times!
Name:James William Roberts

Response to decision to ban gell soft

A relatively low cost hobby that I can relate to.
Spending time with my son
Meeting like minded people
Stress relief
Mental health

How did you first get into gelball?Hearing from colleagues at work
How would you feel if they banned gelball?Disappointed. Frustrated in incompetence and knowledge of MP's
Name:Peter Hughes
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