CQB League Rules

5 V 5

  • Each team may only have 5 players in the game each match, 10 players total on their roster.
  • Substitutions are only allowed between rounds.
  • Injury substitutions: if a player is injured during a match, a substitution is allowed but injured player is not allowed to return to participate for that day.
  • No Ringers. You can only play for the team you’ve signed up with unless other arrangements have been made and all parties are in agreement, e.g. Switching Teams, but no changing teams more than once per season.


  • One Match = 4 Rounds, 3:00 max per round
  • Coin toss before each match, winner chooses spawn
  • 4 Round Matches: Team wins match by winning 3 of the 4 rounds. If each team wins two rounds, total points are factored to determine the winner of the match.


  • 100 Points per win
  • 25 pts First Flag Possession
  • 50 pts Flag Captured (Ends the round)
  • 5 pts Each Player eliminated (5 players = 25 pts max)


  • Team Ready Warning. Verbal confirmation by ref with both teams.
  • Round begins by horn/whistle blow from ref. No countdown before horn/whistle.
  • Each Round is 3:00 min max time. At the end of time, horn/whistle ends the round and points are calculated.


  • Obtain possession first (25 pts)
  • When flag is in possession, flag must be clearly visible by refs (cannot hide flag in pocket or dump pouch)
  • After possession of flag, flag may be dropped intentionally on field. Flag may be passed to other team members via direct transfer or dropping flag (no throwing flag)
  • Flag Captured by returning it to team spawn point. (50 pts + Ends the Round)
  • If Flag-bearer gets hit, flag must be dropped immediately where bearer was hit, within 2 metres of hit location (25 pts team penalty for late flag drop, outside of 2m from hit location. Intentional or unintentional.)


  • Officiator conducts Team Ready Warning and controls Game Start/End.
  • Officiators have full power to call hits upon players and pull players from match.
  • Issues can only be brought to officiator by Team Captain, not players themselves.
  • Officiators have final call on any decision on field.
  • Arguing with or otherwise abusing officials will not be tolerated and offending players will be asked to leave.


  • Any bodily contact with a gel is considered a Hit. This includes any part of bodily gear, such as a backpack or camera.
  • Hits are signaled by players by raising/waving their hand, calling out loudly “HIT!” and immediately returning to spawn.
  • “Dead Men Don’t Talk” – Zero verbal communication by dead players upon being hit, leaving the field, and while in spawn.
  • Blaster hits do not count nor does gel spatter count as a hit.
  • If opposing players shoot each other at the same time, both players are out.


  • PENALTY = Not calling your hit, intentional or inadvertent
    • 1st offence: Player called “out” and given warning.
    • 2nd offence: Player called out. Nearest teammate to offending player out as well.
    • 3rd offence: Player removed from match, team plays short-handed for remainder of match.
  • If player receives 5 penalties during any season, they are removed from that season.
  • FALSE STARTS (early start) = Team loses 25 pts
  • LATE FLAG DROP (flag bearer doesn’t drop flag immediately when hit, dropped more than 5 ft from hit location) = Team loses 25 pts


  • No Plate Carriers, vests or otherwise protective upper body covering – You need to feel those hits!
  • Full-face covering suggested but not required.
  • No Gas-powered or HPA blasters, but all electrics are allowed.
  • 300 FPS limit.

(format loosely-based on SpeedQB https://www.speedqb.com/format/)

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