Petition Submitted – Request for Written Submission

From a letter from Hon Peter Foster MLC, Chair of the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs (The committee is the one that reviews and organises petitions submitted and their responses): Written submission You are invited to provide a written submission to expand on the issues raised in your petition and outline any action […]

Email Your MPs

We’ve updated our Email Your MP Form so it’s even easier for you to Email Your MP. The top form is for your local MLA (Lower House Member) and the bottom form is for your regional MLC (Upper House Member). Send them emails using the forms or write your own, but it’s SO important that […]

Updates – Just a (not so) quick catch-up

Updates – Just a (not so) quick catch-up Some Updates

In case you missed Daniel’s livestream on our Facebook Group or were too enamored with his puppy and the stuffed toy, here’s a few quick updates: Shipping Container The shipping container is safely in Queensland with our friends out there at MILSIM East.  There were a couple, very stressful, hiccups getting it out of the […]

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