How to Join in the Fun – Outdoor Games

Here’s some brief information to get you started with a game with Perth GBG.

Also, here’s some other helpful pages:

What you need to bring

  • First, get a blaster.  Or hire one on the day.  Easy!  IMPORTANT: Always transport your blaster in a secure and covered container (duffle bag, travel case, etc) and NEVER take it out in public for ANY reason.
  • Ammunition – You’ll need gels unless you’re hiring a blaster.  Buy them from HQ (contact us) if you like or you can get them online.  Hydrate them according to their instructions or whatever witchcraft you’ve heard of online, haha.  In all seriousness, soak ’em for 6 hours, drain and store somewhere moderate and out of the sun and you should be fine for up to a few months.
  • Eye protection, proper wrap-around and NOT sunnies.  Look after your eyes, people!
  • Closed-in shoes.
  • That’s it!  You might see photos of other players and think that you HAVE to have camo gear or a vest or even mag pouches.  You don’t.  Just rock up and play, you’ll have fun straightaway and you’ll figure out what kind of gear you’ll need by how you like to play.

Feel free to go with the basics, many do!

Or get all geared-up, many do that as well!

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Find a game on the Events Page

Check out all our upcoming events!

Outdoor games are every Sunday at WASP Paintball locations – alternating North and South between:

Game fees are:

  • $40 for Outdoor Games (Join as a Perth GBG Member though, and get $10 off!)
  • Catered Lunch for only another $13 – Be sure and use our Booking Form for the event to make sure you get fed!

For the hardcore gelballers of the group, be sure and check out our MILSIM events that we run a few times a year.  They are legendary and one-of-a-kind!

Rock Up and Join Us!

Weekly Outdoor Games

For outdoor games, you’ll need to park and meet up at the muster points for gel ball and steer clear of the paintballers.

Day Games are 9am – 4pm depending on weather.  Most people tend to rock up at 9 and start getting geared-up with the first match starting about 9:30-9:45.  We’ll break for lunch around 12:00-12:30 and get back to it about a half hour after that, playing until people run out of steam.  On a HOT day, that can be as early as 2:30-3:00 but in finer weather we might go until after 4:00pm.

Night Games will vary and you’ll need to check the events page for when that kind of awesome fun is happening.


At WASP Paintball – Baldivis, you can park in the main area and walk in or drive through the gate and try and find parking near the gathering point.  Just don’t leave the gate open (there are livestock about)!

Baldivis – Mud Map

If you’re headed to Carabooda (Dizzy Lamb) then you’ll drive in and bear left until you get to either the lower carpark or continue on towards the “castle”.

Carabooda – Mud Map

[Will update with Wanneroo soon!]

Signing In

Once you’re there, you’ll need to sign in!  The Blaster Boss, Nhat, or his lovely wife Jenny, will get you to sign a waiver, sign your name in the book and pay for your day.

Then, you’ll get a debriefing.

You’ll get put on a team with a specific colour (ribbon provided or you can purchase a Red Team or Blue Team velcro armband for a couple of bucks).

And then it’s off to play!

Games are usually around 30-45 minutes and then we break and go back to the muster point for a rest, a drink and, most importantly, more ammo.

If you’ve paid for a Catered Lunch from JT’s Kitchen, then line up for some of the best Vietnamese food in WA!

After lunch, it’s game on again, and we play and rest and play the rest of the day.

Highly important to drink plenty of water!  Stay hydrated and stay healthy on the day because we need you to stay and play so we can shoot you.

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Who Can Play?  EVERYONE!

Everyone is welcome, of any age or ability, and we encourage you to come and take part of this beautiful sport and amazing community we have here.

We have entire families that come out and have a blast, and because there’s no age restriction like Paintball, kids of all ages come out every week and have the time of their lives.

The single most important thing to remember is: HAVE FUN!

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