Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to play gel ball?

Full-coverage eye protection and close-toed shoes. That’s it!

I don’t have a gel blaster, can I still play?

Absolutely! You can hire a blaster on the day for about the cost of admission (plus security deposit) AND you get unlimited ammo on top of that.

When are the games and events?

Check the Events (Games) page on this website or the Events tab on our Facebook Group Page. Outdoor games almost every every Sunday and indoor games are usually Wednesday through Saturday.

Where are the gel ball games held?

Outdoor games usually alternate between WASP Paintball locations in Carabooda, Wanneroo and Baldivis. Indoor games are at the Perth GBG’s very own CQB (Close Quarters Battlefield) at our warehouse in Bellevue.

What should I look for in my first blaster?

Start simple, but decent, and work with your budget. You can get a good starter blaster for between $150-$250 and that should get you going, no worries.

Where can I get a gel blaster?

Perth GBG HQ should have anything you need. If we don’t have it, we can get it in. Contact us for more details and we’ll look after you.  You can order online and get one easily from over east, but anything coming from overseas is subject to seizure by customs.


Okay, I’ve got my first blaster, what should I do to it?

Keep it simple, or make it a BEAST. The simplest and most-advised first steps are a new o-ring (green tend to be the best), a 1.2 spring (too much higher and you risk accuracy) and a metal barrel (aluminium or alloy) to replace the plastic barrel it comes with. After that, you can try a bigger battery by going from the standard 7.4V to the 11.1V to increase your rate of fire, but be sure and get extra magazines!

What are “all-metal blasters” and why are only paid members allowed to use them?

An “all-metal” blaster is one that has a metal “receiver” or the main body of the blaster.  Though the legality and use around them is a “grey area” it’s really pretty simple when you think about it.

Theoretically, if law enforcement handles a regular blaster they’ll think “Hmm… nylon and plastic, clearly a toy.”

But if they handle a metal blaster, then theoretically they could think “Hmm… could be a replica firearm and possibly illegal to possess.  Better confiscate this one and all the other ones we can see, just to be safe.”

For a while, NO metal blasters were allowed because Perth GBG had decided that risking everyone’s blaster for confiscation wasn’t worth it.  Upon advice, we now let our paid, card-carrying members use “all-metal” blasters as we feel the risk of any issues is significantly lower for them.  The guidelines for ALL BLASTERS are the same though.

How do I prepare my gels?

Everyone has slightly different techniques, but a fairly standard treatment is to simply soak them in room-temperature water for about 6 hours, then drain and store away from extreme temperatures.

The science of all this is as new as the sport though, so experiment! Try distilled water, or slightly-warmer water, or start with hot and drain and rinse and then finish in cold water. There’s no limit to the variations and you’ll surely find something that works best for you.

What are the best gels?

There are as many opinions on this as there are brands available but there’s consensus on one thing: The gels that likely came with your blaster are probably crap.

Aside from that, seek advice and experiment! Oranges, blues and greens tend to be called “hardened” and while milkies (white gels) are truly hardened, and also smaller, there are many that claim to be the hardest.

You really just need to figure out what’s best for your particular blaster.  It’s really about trying different gels and seeing what works best. There are even some that Glow in the Dark!

Regardless, we should have whatever you’re after at Perth GBG HQ.

What’s the best loadout for gel ball?

Easiest question on here! Whatever you’re most comfortable with! We’ve got guys that are kitted out for modern warfare and some that are in t-shirt and shorts. It’s really about how you like to play your style.

The only practical consideration would be storage for your gels, speed loader, magazines and extras. But again, it’s all dependent on how you like to play.

Are gel blasters legal in Western Australia?

We are not providing legal advice in any way.  If you are seeking actual advice we suggest you contact a legal professional.

Perth GBG stands by what has been communicated to us by WA’s Law Enforcement representatives: It’s only illegal if you do something illegal with it.

Perth GBG stands by some very simple guidelines:

  • We have been told by law enforcement that it is legal to own a gel blaster in WA.
  • Do NOT take any blaster out in public in any way.
  • Do NOT have any blaster displayed to public in a way that can cause panic.
  • Do NOT travel with your gel blaster unless it’s in a closed container or bag.
  • DO come to our games and events with your gel blaster and use it to take part in this awesome sport that we all love.
  • Don’t be a ding-dong.

Do I need to be a Perth GBG Member to play?


Perth GBG Membership is a fantastic deal, but you Do Not Need to be a member to own or enjoy a gel blaster or playing gel ball.  But it certainly doesn’t hurt!

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