Blaster Guidelines

Guidelines for using gel blasters

JM Gen 9 Gel BlasterHere are some simple guidelines that we would appreciate everyone sticking to in the interests of growing our great sport.

Of course, if you’re a member of the Perth GBG Community we expect you to strictly adhere to these guidelines as part of the terms of your inclusion.

  • Gel Blasters are TOYS – They are not rifles, guns, firearms, etc.  Please refer to them as such.
  • Gel Blasters do NOT go out in public – This includes even walking out to your car to attend an event.
    For proper public safety and security, store and transport your blasters in enclosed containers such as bags or storage cases.
    For as much as they are a toy, take no chances and treat them as a real firearm.
  • Don’t be a ding-dong – As per the two guidelines above, a huge part of being a responsible member of the Perth GBG Community and/or gel blaster owner is how you interact with others in regards to them.

In short, be responsible and conscientious with your gel blaster and we can grow and foster our awesome hobby.  But be a ding-dong and you hurt the sport and everyone who enjoys it.


We are not providing legal advice in any way.  If you are seeking actual advice we suggest you contact a legal professional.

Perth GBG stands by what has been communicated to us by WA’s Law Enforcement representatives: It’s only illegal if you do something illegal with it.

So let’s all do our part to continue to make gel blasting the best it can be.  Contact us if you have any more questions.

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