What is Gelball?

Here’s some basics:

  • Gel Balls start out as tiny little bead-like spheres until you soak them in water for about 6 hours.  They’re the same thing as Orbeez or the beads in scented jars you’d have around the house.  They’re non-toxic and the crystal compound they’re made from is environmentally-friendly.
  • Gel Blasters fire Gel Balls, but are toys that are typically made to look like actual firearms, which is why it’s so important that they’re used properly and responsibly.  See our Blaster Guidelines for more info.  They’re also referred to as:
    • Hydroblasters/Hydro Shooters
    • Gel ball shooters
    • Toy gel gun (though we strongly advise never using the word “gun” to refer to them – they are toys, not guns).
    • Water ball shooters
    • But we exclusively endorse the use of “gel blasters”.
  • Gel Ball Games (or Gelsoft) and Events are put on by Perth GBG and are usually at one of the WASP Paintball locations around Perth or at our Indoor Facility, the CQB.  Either check back here or join our Facebook Group to get notified of the next event.  There’s typically a game every weekend and they tend to alternate locations between Carabooda, Wanneroo and Baldivis (in WA, of course) and our CQB is available evenings Wednesday to Friday and all day Saturday.

First time blasting?

Don’t be afraid to rock up and join in!

Game info for Indoor and Outdoor.

Gameday costs are modest, there are blasters available for hire on the day and typically a catered lunch that’s always great.  If you’re just out for a try, hit the CQB Warehouse for a few hours and see what you think.

Whether you buy or borrow, you can get out for a game without breaking the bank.

Beginner tips:

  • You don’t even need a blaster yet – Contact us and hire one and see how you go!

  • If you DO have a blaster, join our Facebook Group (private group) to see what’s best for equipment, upgrades, ammunition or anything else.
  • Support us by becoming a Member!
  • Wrap-around eye protection and closed-in shoes are required, loose and/or baggy clothing is suggested, but getting shot doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as paintball.
  • Go to the Upcoming Events page and see where we’ve been recently and what’s coming near you or get to the CQB Warehouse in Bellevue.

Most importantly, drop us a line if you have any questions about joining in, we’d love for you to join us!

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